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When people need vision correction today, they have a nearly limitless range of excellent options. The Optical Shop & Contact Lenses at Glendale Eye Medical Group in Glendale, CA offers a wide selection that will suit nearly anyone's needs.

Optical Shop and Contact Lenses Q&A

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What Types of Contact Lenses Are Available?

When people think of contact lenses, they tend to think of the straightforward vision correction that a person with minor vision issues might need. While there are certainly contact lenses that can meet the needs of those with minor vision issues, there are also a wide range of lenses to meet the needs of those with more complex issues. Whether it is nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or some other issue, there is probably a contact lens that will work well. People who want some cosmetic benefits along with their vision correction can even choose from a wide variety of colored contact lenses today. While bifocals were once confined to glasses only, today people can get custom bifocal contact lenses, as well. There are daily disposable contacts, as well as those that can be worn for longer.

What Types of Eyeglass/Sunglass Frames Are Available?

Like the range of contacts, the range of eyeglass and sunglass frames is virtually unlimited. There are the basic unobtrusive glasses frames, the elaborate designer frames, and everything in between. People can even choose frameless look glasses that almost look as if there are no glasses on the face at all. Many patients find it to be a lot of fun to select the exact eyeglass or sunglass frames that they want.

What Lenses Are Available?

At Glendale Eye Medical Group, the team is accustomed to working with patients of all types. From the most minor of vision corrections to the most complicated, there are lenses available to help. Each patient's lenses are custom crafted to suit their particular prescription. Most people will have their eye examination so that the eye doctor can give them a prescription for their glasses or contact lenses first. After that, the patient will choose the options they want (the frames or the exact type of contact) and place the order. Usually, it will take only a short time to get the brand new glasses or contacts.


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